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This section is for all kinds of Unitarized Cargoes (Grouped)

4.1. Inspection of UNITARIZED CARGOES for: Grouped Sacks/Bags and Big Bags Grouped Steel ingots/billets/slabs in bundles Grouped Pipes in Bundles Grouped Sacks, Drums, Boxes in Pallets Grouped Food, Goods, Break Bulk cargo Grouped Tráilers & Vehicles in Flat Racks Cylinders, Tanks, Pumps in Pallets Coiled Tubing/Wireline/Electrical Cable Reels

4.2. Inspection of UNITARIZED CARGOES for: Containers (contenedores), Isotanks (isotanques), Flat Racks (Planchas/Bastidores/Bases de Acero) Reefers (Partial or Full Refrigerated Containers)

4.3 Custody Transfer Audit (Auditoria) on: Products, Shipments, Equipment, Goods, Ships

4.4. Unitarized Cargo Brokerage (Liquid & Dry) Broker for international markets (worldwide) Broker for ship’s operators (worldwide) Broker for Liners, Outsiders and Tramp ships