Since 1979, we are your best global partner carrying out accurate CARGO LOSS CONTROL. We offer expert and reliable cargo agent and cargo surveyor services for sucessful logistics and a custody transfer of cargo as agreed. *We are specialized in Marine Survey, Petroleum Loss Control and Cargo Loss Control.

Why you need Loss Control Inspection Services

We attend On Shore, Off Shore, Industrial and Oil Fields Inspections

The Logistics and cargo Shipping to international markets is truly a challenge for importer and exporters, so they need to implement successful Shipping Strategies. Moreover, they require support from the finest resources of operational management, international standards, legal commercial regulations, transport insurance, and of course, the services of certified cargo inspection and the loss control carried out by truly experts.

Enhance and safeguard your position in the market in tandem with our very large cargo inspection and loss control services expertise. Ours is a very accurate operation which cover a detailed inspection of port facilities, cargo equipments in jetty, ship’s cargo sistem, the cargo condition, the specifications and the loading or discharging process.

Our role is to make your operation a success. Contact us to talk about your next shipment, and we will give you more about the scope of our professional services.

We will ensure to satisfy your requirements from an intense process of risk appraisal and loss control in overall scenarios, which will drive him to the scheduled target.

¿Where the Loss Control Inspections can be done?

ON SHORE Inspection

In Port/Terminal or Out Port/Terminal

OFF SHORE Inspection

In SPM or In Anchorage Area


Any type including the Supply Chain

Petroleum Fields & Tanks Inspection (Including FSO)

*We ensure to satisfy our client’s requirement from a process of risk appraisal to the loss control in overall scenaries, which will drive you to scheduled target for your goods.

  • Ask for a C&M Loss Control Surveyor for your shipment                              Even if you are an importer, an exporter, insurance company, a third party, or cargo inspection company (searching for a country representative), we will perform the cargo inspection and/or Marine Survey at the ports in México, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil and Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao)


A LOSS CONTROL INSPECTION is an individual assessment of potential hazards in a workplace and the operations performed there, the people and equipment involved, the existing conditions, and any circumstances, errors, product leaks or diversions, fire, and possible intentional activities that may compromise the quantity and quality of own and third-party assets, and also negatively affect the business and/or affect human life.

Timing is an essential component for any cargo shipping business, and now is the time to Contact Us to discuss our next survey appointment.

We are Expert Loss Control Surveyors

We got the tools

We have the knowledge, experience, techniques and professional staff to fulfill the tasks entrusted. We can carry out loss control inspections in operations with petroleum and products

Certified Inspections

Our cargo inspection certificate is a key document in a successful commercial operation and in the collection management, acting as a guarantee of the good execution of the shipment of the merchandise.

Oil Loss Control

Petroleum Loss Control Inspection is an individual assessment of potential hazards in an oil shipment and any Petroleum Custody Transfer, with close witnessing the activities performed during operations.

Competitive Pricing

The price of our services barely has a premium above our operating costs and you will also find that we offer the best response capacity, quality of services, timely intervention and inspection certificates with a detailed description of everything we found during the evaluation.

+40 Years Experience

We have the largest and most diverse experience in Oil Loss Control inspection, Oil Treatment and Blending, General Cargo Inspection, Maritime Inspection, reliable audit of port operations, investigation of ship damages, and industrial loss control survey.

Great Support

We have expert engineers graduated in Oil, Chemical, Gas, Industrial and Civil engineering, also we have Marine Surveyors, Marine Officers, and ISPS Security Officers, just serving in these countries of America: MEXICO, VENEZUELA, PANAMA and the CARIBBEAN .