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New generation of Outsource Services and Virtual Branch

The Return to Normality in the Business World. – It is a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic changed reality around the world, affecting markets, production, the economy, employment, the operation of companies and the way of doing business.

Today the reality is different, and the solution includes Virtual Strategic Alliances, because to successfully face the new normality in the business world we must adopt other types of procedures, other methods, other attitudes and other organizational charts that largely include virtual managers, external sale agents and various virtual employees, who will work following the mandatory decree to maintain preventive labor and social distance.

Hire a: VIRTUAL MANAGER for your Business Development, or Community Management, or Digital Marketing, or when need a Virtual Branch Manager

We are your Global Partner for local Business and for business overseas. We offer Virtual Manager at a very low cost with Virtual Employees who knows how to take care of your company’s image.

Our Experienced Virtual Manager for Business Development can start from the issuing of the project’s Gantt Graphics up. We can develop the business together, step by step, up to your branch be running successfully.

What is a Social Media Manager? BOHRZ is your Cheap Virtual Manager to take care of your brand in the social media. The cherry in the cake is that we will manage your brand in social, professional and commercial networks.

Hire: Digital Marketing Manager. We have Reliable Virtual Manager to design smart advertising and to carry out your Digital Sales Campaigns.

Hire: Virtual Branch Manager. We reduce the risks of buying from unknown people at local and foreign countries. We manage the activities of your branch.

Hire: Competitive Sales Agent for Prospection.

Hire: 4PL VIRTUAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER for Equipment & Products

The 4PL Virtual Supply Chain Manager works carrying out B2B Logistics for any kind of equipment, products and materials.

Bohrz Enterprises 4PL (Fourth-Party Logistics) is a logistics service provider who ensure that both supply chain relationships and cost / effectiveness ratios are optimized through the management of a wide variety of integrated logistics services for your clients.

¿What is a fourth party logistics (4PL)? Represents a higher level of supply chain management than a third party logistics (3PL), serving as a control tower that oversees all service providers: warehouses, shipping companies, carriers, cargo agents, etc.


¿How does a Virtual Manager of cruise ships work? ¿How does a Transport Manager work?
¿How does a Virtual Chartering Manager work?

Virtual Manager of Cruisers

He is an advisor who works in your Virtual Branch Office carrying out B2C External Sales Agent activities for passengers transportation by Air/Sea/Shore.      He is able to quickly attract clients for tourist trips on cruise ships. He creates a database of hotels, companies of related service, suppliers, shipchandlers and ship fuel & water supply managers.

Virtual Chartering Manager

He is a Virtual Manager expert in Multimodal Transport Chartering, who works carrying out B2B Logistics for any kind of cargo transportation by Sea/Air/Shore. His job involves ports, airports, warehouses, customs, carriers, stevedores, logistics, PL2, PL3, PL4, global shipping, transhipment & cargo surveyor.

The charter of transportation units (Charter Party) can be made in its 3 types: Voyage Charter Party, Time Charter Party, and Bare Boat Charter Party (Crewless Ships) or Cargo Truck without driver.


Hire: LOCAL COMPETITIVE VIRTUAL MANAGER you are searching for your construction projects of ports, oil terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants.

BOHRZ ENTERPRISES offer also outsourced construction employees. We supply qualified experience manpower, engineering construction equipment and heavy machinery.

*Trust to BOHRZ ENTERPRISES your new branch. We will help you expand your business.

The BEST VIRTUAL MANAGER for Import, for Export, for Trading, for Supply and for Procurement.

We have Bilingual (English/Spanish) Outsourced Manager at very low cost to carry out local activities of importer, exporter, trader, procurement, and supplier.

Hire your own: Virtual Import Manager.                    Hire your own: Virtual Export Manager.                     Hire your own: Virtual Trader Manager.                    Hire your: Virtual Procurement Manager.               Hire your: Virtual Supplier Manager.                      Hire your: Virtual Chartering Manager.                     Hire your: Supply Chain Manager.


Hire a: Virtual Purchasing Manager and Virtual Sales Manager in the Mercosur markets.

MERCOSUR Members: Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia (in Accession process).   MERCOSUR Associated Countries: Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Guyana and Surinam.

Mercosur Buyers at Latam are strong buyers of worldwide exports. Mercosur Sellers are major suppliers of Agricultural products, Fruit, Bovine & Poultry meat, Ethanol, Petroleum Crude/Products, Coal, Petcoke, and others.

¿Why an Strategic Alliance with BOHRZ ENTERPRISES?

We have the tools

To endow our customers with the most assertive and innovative solutions for a successful entering in the market of your specialty (entrepreneurs) or to increase your market share (solid enterprises).

Virtual Managers

Our bilingual (English/Spanish) virtual manager has experience in national and international markets. We have the capacity to negotiate and handle any size of cargo to and from anywhere.

Competitive Pricing

We have offices in Mexico, United States of America and Venezuela (to attend Mercosur markets). BOHRZ Enterprises provide virtual quality services at an amazing price.

Factory, Company and Entrepreneur are welcome

We offer our large professional experience to your organization to face the challenges of  markets and network business.

+30 Years’ Experience

We have appropriate virtual managers to virtually incharge of the activities of any department or the entire branch. BOHRZ is a virtual global partner for third parties since 1989.

We offer the New Generation of the Outsourced Services

We are strategic factor and your right virtual partner to generate a potential competitive advantage to enter markets

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